About me

       My name is Santiago, engineer by profession and amateur photographer. Born in Burgos on 64, father of a numerous family. I’ve always had a fascination for photography but it was in these last few years that I’ve discovered it deeply.

       I define myself as a “weekend photographer”. I actually work as an industrial director in Andalucía, but my interest in immortalizing moments surged many years ago. 

        As a young boy I took pictures of the fields of Castilla with disposable cameras. Mid 80s I discovered the magic of development thanks to Curro, a friend from college in Madrid, who taught me the art of capturing light in a silly box in those analog times. From the darkness, the images started projecting into a wet piece paper like magic. 

        That’s when I bought my first second hand Canon. 

        Afterwards, when I finished my studies and started my professional life, the photographer fell asleep somewhere within me.

But the biggest breakthrough in photography for me took place a few years back when Susana, my wife, sold a watch she no longer used and gifted me my first digital camera. This allowed me to revive this hobby again.

       My children, Rodrigo, Cristina and little Paula along with Susana, have been my first models, I owe them for their patience and stolen time.
       Consider this page a balcony in which you can peek every now and then to see everything my camera has captured.

University residential room Madrid, 1988
Analogic photograph developed black/white by myself

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