9 Tango

It's been more than 5 years since this photograph.
Taken at pier one, Malaga.
At dusk, a couple dancing tango caught my attention. It was Aurelia Duchemin and Javier Juarez Figueros, masters of this art.
That tango that transmits emotion and a lot of beauty...
One of my favorite BN photos...

During the evening, while we were returning home after an afternoon of family walk, I noticed a couple dancing tango on the street.

Later, I found out that they were Aurelia Duchemin and Javier Juárez Figueros, two masters of this art who bring tango to the street, called "Street Tango".

The couple was performing a demonstration of this art along with their students from their school who accompanied them. The emotion and beauty of their movements captivated me, and although the light was beginning to fade due to the evening, I managed to capture several photographs.

Days later, when reviewing the images on my computer, I fell in love with this particular photograph and decided to investigate the identity of the dancers.

It was not difficult to contact them and learn a little more about their lives. Since then, we have kept in touch through social media. Aurelia continues with her school in Malaga, while Javier is in France, pursuing his career as a teacher.

That tango overflowing with emotion, art, and feeling.

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