Expo Vienna Feb 2024

The first retrospective exhibition of Santiago Martínez de Septién's work is being held in Austria.

29.2.2024 - 10.3.2024

in der Galerie LIK, in der Spittelberggasse 9 in 1070 Wien.

Vernissage am 29.2.2023 um 19:00 Uhr. Anmeldung zur Vernissage HIER

"Retrospective Exhibition" Photography by Santiago Martinez de Septién in der Galerie LIK in Wien.

The exhibition, which includes over twenty photographs, offers a curated look into the work of this Spanish artist. It traces his career from his early black and white works, through his more minimalist phase, to his latest pieces, which focus on street photography, exploring color with deliberate composition and a strong emphasis on verticality.

This retrospective is the most comprehensive to date, covering the author's unique visual language over the past few years of work.

Critics have described his photography as "a poetics of life, a poetics of a friendly environment," noting that "his discourse is seemingly simple, but it is full of messages, of spiritual power and creative intelligence" (Fernando Portillo Guzmán, Punto Ciego Gallery).

Santiago Martínez de Septién's photography is characterized not only by the subject matter it depicts but also by the precise organization of the forms and figures within the frame. He contributes his subjective interpretation through his gaze, affirming the universal language of photography to capture the time that has already passed (FRANCISCO PUÑAL SUÁREZ, Mundiario).

The exhibition includes several of his most renowned works, which have received numerous international awards, such as "Taking Ballet Lessons," named "Discovery of the Year" at the "Latín IPA" and a finalist at the "Lucie Awards" held at Carnegie Hall in New York in October 2018, among others.

Taking Ballet Lessons

Málaga, 15 jun 2018

Taking Ballet Lessons at the Lucie Awards Oct 2018 Carnegie Hall NY.

Coronavirus Confinement

Málaga, 01 May 2020

Batman At Larios Street

Málaga, Apr 2023

Seville Marathon.

Seville, 20 Feb 2023

Cops & Robbers

Málaga, 09 Jul 2022

Tango in the Streets

Málaga, 15 Jun 2017


Fuerteventura ,Sep 2016

Széchenyi Baths

Budapest, Feb 2020

La Mirada de Gonzalo

Málaga, Jul 2029

When the fire distorts reality

Málaga, July 2021

My way

Sahara Desert, mar 2016
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